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Gamba no Bouken Empty Gamba no Bouken

on 2012-04-04, 15:22
Gamba No Bouken
Ganba no Boken
1975, 26 episodes
Gamba no Bouken 1037

In short: A travelling mouse Gamba meets a mouse in need of savior, to help the island mice fight against a powerful and cruel albino weasel.

My opinion:
Ive been trying to get this anime for a loooong time (you can tell I like mustelidae Laughing ), and Ive found it few days ago up for download. It havent been subbed by any groups so I can only roughly tell what's going on, but Im pretty impressed by this anime. Its a comedy mixed with drama. Funny mice fighting to death. Blood and chibi characters. Very... dual. I must say I also love it because the pretty white weasel is not just a last episode top-villain! He appears throughout whole anime at various points and actually has lots of screen time. I thought it would only be few minutes, if not less, so I was pleasantly surprised by it.
Gamba no Bouken Gamba06wmv_snapshot_1023_20120404_230702
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Gamba no Bouken Empty Re: Gamba no Bouken

on 2016-05-03, 16:16
A couple of episodes have been subbed: https://retrobeatsubs.wordpress.com/
I wonder if they'll ever continue.
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