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Animation stand-outs Empty Animation stand-outs

2011-01-10, 18:16
Which episodes of the TV series would you say have some above-average scenes in terms of animation quality and uniqueness? I want to track down and watch those, and maybe find out who did each individual scene.

As an example of what I'm looking for... let's take a look at episode 2 of the first season:

The scene with the fat witch nicely sets the stage for some of the above average animation we'll be seeing in this story with some very fluid and lively movement
Animation stand-outs J1wg4

And then we have the karate master bit that has no qualms about going a little off-model to show off his silly quick fighting moves better
Animation stand-outs JNggnAnimation stand-outs EyDrf

Finally we get the scene with the dude that shoots fireballs which plays around with its frantic movement, lighting and perspective in a way that would be more common in a high budget episode of a fighting shonen anime:
Animation stand-outs E4mXOAnimation stand-outs 3ZHJr
Animation stand-outs PLL5NAnimation stand-outs 0SBPw
Animation stand-outs Juvq1Animation stand-outs 0drZM

So yeah, are there any other episodes that you recall having a lot of scenes like this?
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Animation stand-outs Empty Re: Animation stand-outs

2011-08-08, 15:01
Well, that one part when the red plane (Zorori's Dad) appeared for the first time. That animation captured my eyes with the cloud and winds, it was so smooth and I can't describe it..
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