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Thank you Zorori-Project-Fansubbers! Empty Thank you Zorori-Project-Fansubbers!

2011-08-07, 01:46
If this message didn't get across to you on YouTube, here:

Hey, ZororiProjectFansub! I want to thank you guys for uploading all the Kaiketsu Zorori Episodes and subbing them up till now! I've been really glad to have the chance to watch Kaiketsu Zorori. If it weren't for you guys, I wouldn't have been able to experience one of Japan's greatest animes! I appreciate the time and effort you guys put up to make the show subbed. I don't know the cause and why you guys are subbing Kaiketsu Zorori, maybe you're just big fans of the show and wanted to show everyone, but thank you. I appreciate all your work and wish you all to continue doing your best till the end! It would be really awesome if it became an official english dub in the US. Maybe someday it will happen. Well, I give you my best regards!!

I wish I would've found out about Kaiketsu Zorori and joined the Forums before it was too late. The end of the series is nearing, and it actually saddens me. Do you get that feeling after watching something you feel empty inside? I know I will feel that once the whole project is over. But that's how it is, it would be cool if the original makers kept continuing, but I don't know how the story ends so.. Well thanks again.

~PencilTips (aka RPK)

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