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Joke Teller
Joke Teller
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Is it just me or .. ? Empty Is it just me or .. ?

2020-05-17, 19:14
かいけつゾロリ series book is almost at the end ( as much I hate it this Fact , I want to know What will happen with Zorori and his friends in the end . Plus his future wife , how she will be look like ? And here character ? )

I have feeling she will be Fox ..

I hope she will be have strong personality .

So anyway , if you have this Thoughts like me , what do you Imagine Zorori wife will be look like and here character ?
You can sketch your idea if you like too .

Arctic fox super cute
can you imagine character like this exist in Zorori show ? No ? That’s fine .
Here a sketch if you don’t mind me .

Is it just me or .. ? 84677610
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