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2017 Zorori Movie | The Secret of Double Z (ZZのひみつ, ZZ no Himitsu) Empty 2017 Zorori Movie | The Secret of Double Z (ZZのひみつ, ZZ no Himitsu)

2020-07-20, 20:59
Hey all! Apologies if this is the wrong spot for it, but I'm not sure how else to get in contact with the translation team (can't message the Twitter account, I tried). I just recently got into the series and fell in love, working on getting caught up on everything that's out. BIG thank you to you guys that have made watching this show possible— however, I have a question.

I noticed that while a few sites have the listing for the 2017 movie, it doesn't actually seem to be available anywhere. So... Naturally, I set out to get the movie ripped with the help of a friend over in Japan! Is this something you guys would be interested in translating?

Feel free to contact me over on Twitter or send an email if so— links should be on my profile; I'd put them here too but the forum says I'm too new for it. Laughing
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