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Zorori English Dub? Empty Zorori English Dub?

2021-11-27, 21:25
This probably has been asked to death over the years, but
does anyone have any way i can view any of the english dubbed zorori episodes?
To my knowledge, they have been posted online before but have been taken down.
My concern isn't really whether or not the english dub is any good,
i'm just on a search for all zorori media and being able to experience
at  least one of the english dub episodes would be neat!!

Thank you to anyone who could help me out!
Twenty Ceiling Fans
Twenty Ceiling Fans
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Zorori English Dub? Empty Re: Zorori English Dub?

2022-08-02, 10:27
There isn’t actually a way to view the dubbed episodes at the moment
I think that the only way that you can try to find the English dubbed Zorori episodes, is to contact
Axelfar, and Arcufox, (they were the ones that uploaded the English dub episodes 2, 4, 8, and a 1 minute clip of episode 29), if they
have the episodes backed up in their computers. You should also try contacting yellowfox, and CyberPikachu, since yellowfox was the one that managed to get the audio of the English dubbed Zorori episodes, and CyberPikachu was the one that managed to get a cellphone recording of Episode 1.

If you manage to get the episodes from them, please make sure to archive them on the Internet Archive.
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